Fjordgaarden's new website offers an easy booking process and a beautiful visual design

DynamicWeb Swift improves Fjordgaarden's website with mobile optimization and intuitive navigation

Hotel Fjordgaarden, located close to the North Sea, is known as one of Denmark's leading spa hotels. The hotel offers a wide range of wellness and spa treatments, great rooms and fantastic views of the fjord. 

The Challenge

Necessary digital renewal

Fjordgaarden faced an urgent need to update their outdated website. The existing solution was not mobile responsive, which created challenges as the majority of their visitors used mobile phones.

The old website was visually unattractive and complex to navigate, resulting in a long and confusing booking process. In addition, the site was too text-heavy, making it difficult for visitors to decipher who Fjordgaarden was and what they would get during their stay. Finally, Fjordgaarden wanted a solution with a user-friendly CMS platform.

The Solution

Visual identity and functionality

Their DynamicWeb Swift solution offers an intuitive and user-friendly backend that makes it easy for Fjordgaarden to manage and update their content. The website was designed with a strong focus on visual identity, reflecting Fjordgaarden's luxurious brand.

In addition, the booking process was made more intuitive and naturally integrated into the website, making it easier for users to book rooms and spa facilities. One of the most important improvements was the full mobile optimization of the website, ensuring that all visitors have a seamless experience regardless of device.

The Result

An improved user experience

With the new DynamicWeb Swift solution, Fjordgaarden now has a website that not only matches their visual brand, but also delivers an improved user experience.

  • An intuitive and user-friendly backend makes it easy for Fjordgaarden to manage and update their content.
  • Mobile responsive website ensures that visitors on all devices have a satisfying experience.
  • A simpler and more direct booking process helps convert more visitors into customers.
  • A strong visual design captures users' attention and conveys the hotel's atmosphere effectively. 






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